Funny Homework Answers Kids Love To Share

Logical Answers
Some funny kids homework answers entail creative ideas that are also logical and sensible Some of these funny school homework answers include the following:

  • When you ask a student to write “< or >” for math equations, just write “or” in between the numbers.
  • What ended in the year 1945? The year 1944, of course.
  • You’ve got a triangle, and you need to find x. But why look for the value of the side labeled x when you can just tell the teacher where x is?
  • You’ve got to list information on five specific animals that live in the jungle. You could say that there are three tigers and two monkeys in the jungle. They’re specific enough in that every tiger and monkey is unique in some way, right?

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Parental Advice
Some funny answers from kids in school can entail parental advice that goes a little too off the deep end. A student might be asked about what one can do when taking care of a sprained ankle. That student can simply state to just deal with it and rub it off. It’s not practical, but it is a funny homework solution.

These amusing homework answers can show that a student has a clear idea of what to expect out of one’s work. That student just might be influenced by one’s parents a little too much. According to the assignment help professionals, it makes for a little something fun when taking a look at the ways how kids are going to answer their questions.

Incorporating Other Concepts

Ideas from other classes might fall into some of the funny answers on homework assignments that students give. Some of the things you’ll find in funny homework assignments include these:

  • A science project might entail a situation where a teacher talks about how things are classified to be different. That might as well be racism to some students.
  • Sometimes a science task would entail many atoms or cells sharing a certain property. To some, that could be seen as outright communism.
  • A person may be asked to identify which state a certain capital is in. Funny homework answers can include “delirium,” “motion,” or “distress” to name a few.

Too Much Information
Some of the funny kid homework answers you’ll find might entail some moments that reveal more than necessary:

  • A child should be said to list one’s activity by writing a verb in the correct form. That child might write something like how one’s favorite activity is to go to the bathroom.
  • A child could also be asked about the things one’s parents do. Some of the funniest homework answers can entail parents yelling at each other or maybe making lots of noise in the bedroom when the door is closed.
  • A kid might talk about one’s eating habits in a little too much detail when talking about the last food one ate. This might include chewing habits among other things.
  • There are some times when kids might let their opinions out a little too much. When asked about what one wants to do in a future, a kid might say that he or she wants to rule the world. Maybe that kid doesn’t fully get the idea of a democracy.

The funny homework answers that students can provide are always worth a good laugh. If anything, we should just assume that these are the right answers even if our instructors want something else. Besides, sometimes the funniest homework answers are more thoughtful than we might think and even more intriguing.