Funny Excuses For Homework Students Have All the Time

You might have heard traditional homework excuses like someone’s dog eating the homework. But there are many other funny excuses for homework that people have come up with over the years. You might try to use these funny homework excuses if you are struggling with a homework task, although it might be better for you to do your homework on your own instead just to be safe.

Not Enough Stuff
Some of the funniest excuses for not doing homework entail not having the resources needed. But are those resources really all that important? Here are a few of those excuses to look at:

  • Your family ran out of toilet paper. What else can be used for toilet paper in the house?
  • You might have come across a huge shortage of pencils in your area and couldn’t get to work.
  • Your computer wasn’t working because your cat thought it would be a good idea to add a virus on it.
  • There was a power outage where you are and you had to burn your homework to produce enough light or heat. It could happen, you know.
  • Your solar-powered calculator wasn’t working because it was cloudy.

Sensible Solutions
There are some funny excuses for homework that are actually pretty logical and sensible:

  • You might not want to give away any ideas surrounding what you know.
  • You might be worried about making other students in your class look bad because your answers are so good.
  • You found that Wikipedia stole your answers and that it was hard for you to come up with something unique.
  • The homework was far too uninspiring. You might not have felt motivated because of the issue.

Tech Ideas
Sometimes the funny excuses for homework you may come up with will entail different problems surrounding the technology in your home:

  • You might have a new paper shredder and you wanted to see how it works.
  • Your computer appears to be haunted and you can’t do your work.
  • The files your homework was on were replaced with amusing cat videos.
  • Your portable disk drive was used by a parent as a fetching tool for your dog. This is best among funny homework excuses when the shape of a flash drive is considered.

Generally Clever
This look at funny excuses for missing homework focuses on some ideas that are a little more creative:

  • You make your homework sheet into a paper airplane that got hijacked.
  • You were on the beach while doing your homework, but the tide soon came in and washed it away.
  • Your friend came over to help you with homework and wanted to show how much paper that person can eat.
  • Your parents liked your homework so much that they decided to frame it after you finished.
  • A parent thought your homework was a letter being sent to some place and decided to mail it for you. This is not only one of the best funny excuses for no homework, but is also something practical.
  • A parent cut your homework up into paper dolls in a fit of rage or fear.
  • You want through a car wash while the homework was stuck on the top.
  • You decided that by doing your homework later, you will be doing in when you are a little older a wiser.
  • You’ve developed a rare condition where it is difficult for you hold a pen or pencil.
  • You had a cold over the weekend and you sneezed into your homework because you didn’t have a tissue.
  • Your homework was struck by lightning at the bus stop.
  • You did your homework in your mind and forgot to put it on paper.
  • Your mom didn’t do it right.
  • You were at a rally for supporting education and higher teacher’s pay.
  • You don’t want to add to the workload that your teacher has to bear with.

Specific Subject Excuses
These funny homework excuses focus on specific subjects:

  • You could do your arts homework, but you’re better off drawing doodles instead.
  • You don’t want to think about the past, so you didn’t do your history homework.
  • You would have done your math homework, but those numbers made you dizzy.
  • You could do your English homework, but you already know the language.

These funny excuses for not doing homework are more than just amusing. They are also excuses that could be legitimate and worth considering. You could make the most out of your studies if you look at how well these ideas are used when making the most out of your work. You might be surprised as people laugh with you when these funny excuses for not having homework are considered. Visit MyHomeworkDone if you need professional assistance.

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