Clever Homework Poems About The Burden Of School

You could make the words of a homework poem great words to live by. Here are a few of the best homework poems that you could recall when it comes to this tough subject. These come in various forms and will encourage you to think a little more about the ways how you are:

Why I Didn’t Do My Homework
One of the best funny homework poems entails thinking ab out homework in general:
I can say that I didn’t do my homework
Or I could say something else instead
I could say that my dog ate it
Or that it was lost in a spread
I could argue that my homework went missing
And say that it was in a bend
But either way no matter what I say
I am surely going to end up dead.

Eating Homework For Breakfast
The next funny poem on homework is about getting ready for the day:
I thought I ate my homework
With a nice side of grapes
But that excuse was anything
But the best type of escape
But while I thought I ate it
I made the ultimate sin
I took that piece of paper
And threw it in the trash bin.

Not Having Homework
You don’t need to make overly long funny poems about homework, as this one shows:
I wish to have no homework, for it would be great
A day without stress, I cannot wait
But as I enjoy a day full of rest
The next morning, there comes a sudden pop test.

The Dog Ate It
Here’s another of the best funny school poems about homework, this time about one of the most popular excuses around:
The dog, he comes along
He sees what looks like a big block of cheese
Something white and vibrant. Maybe mozzarella?
A delicious treat, but it’s surprisingly thin
He eats and eats, and he loves the taste tints
Blue tones, some pinkish features, lots of stuff
A lovely treat for the taste buds
Best of all, it is not all that filling
It takes a bit to consume though. But the flavor is worth it
But soon, the young kid is upset
Tears start flowing and worries come about
But at least we know where the homework went.

The Acronym
The last of the homework poems to read involves how homework may be used as an acronym. As it turns out, sometimes the best funny poems about homework entail the true to life things that you might enter when completing homework.
H is for Hassle, a burden to see
Far too difficult of a task for me
O is for Official, as that is what I must do
But even with that work, my feelings are so blue
M is for Messy, so complex and tough
All of my notes are far too rough
E is for Easy, as least that’s what I wish
All these problems are harder than a vegetable dish
W is for Worry, a point which I feel
The worry of missing a deadline is real
O is for Original, that’s what my work is to be
Although a calculator or Wikipedia works best for me
R is for Ridiculous, the amount that I get
I haven’t had a day off this year yet
K is for Krazy, and I know it was misspelled wrong
But I probably messed up my homework all along

Other Great Poems
There are some other entertaining poems worth taking a look at. These include amusing poems that are all about homework and can be found at

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Of course, there are plenty of other great poems about homework worth looking at. It is interesting to see how well homework can inspire so many people to write about it and what they like and usually don’t like about it.
A Final Word
Are these funny poems about homework ones in which you can relate? Maybe you thought these homework poems were great. But whether or not you plan to rhyme, a good poem for your thoughts is always worth the time.

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