20 Funny Homework Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Hard

Homework might not sound like the most fun thing to do, but you would still have to complete it right to begin with. There are many funny quotes on homework that have been said over the years. These include many quotes all about the ways how homework operates. These funny homework quotes are among the truest things that people have said about this bothersome task. You could easily relate to many of these sayings about homework.

Getting Out of Homework
Some funny quotes about doing homework entail the things that people will do to get away from homework. These include many funny quotes about homework in college that are especially relevant to today’s students:

  • Time flies when you’re trying to avoid homework.
  • Random stuff on the internet becomes more interesting once you’ve got homework to do.
  • Sometimes homework just needs to grow up and solve itself.
  • A crossword puzzle looks like homework, but it is much more fun to do than homework.

Why Do Your Homework?
A few more funny quotes on homework are all about the issues that people with biology homework. These include many funny quotes about homework relating to very specific subjects that you might have a tough time with handling on your own:

  • There’s no need to learn about history when all that stuff happened in the past. Lots of people in history are dead anyway.
  • Geography isn’t necessary to study when you’ve got a globe.
  • Why would you want to study English when you already speak that language? Also, much of English has been abbreviated into random acronyms.
  • There’s no need to learn math when you’ve got a calculator.
  • Science isn’t necessary because you’re not going to carry a Bunsen burner with you everywhere you go.
  • Gym class isn’t needed because you can just play with your Nintendo Wii when you get home.

General Complaints About Homework
Homework is frustrating to the point where no one really wants to complete it. Some funny homework quotes relate to the many issues that people have surrounding homework and how well it can be handled:

  • Apparently six or seven hours of school a day is not enough. You’ve got to have even more to go with that time.
  • Students might be doing their homework, but they are thinking about the summer and all the things they’ll be doing then instead.
  • Homework is always the one thing that people do at the very last minute. But at the same time, it might be from the general fact that when you’re older, you are wiser.
  • The best homework assignments were the ones where kids would just color things. It’s too bad that these assignments are prominent in college.
  • A teacher who uses your first name in a homework example or question isn’t necessary using it as an example for a work problem. It’s a heavily coded message that only you can decipher if that’s your name. It’s probably not a positive message either.

How Homework Comes From Others
Sometimes the other people you are surrounded by might influence the funny homework quotes you come across. Here are some of the best quotes surrounding the many people who are involved with making homework what it is:

  • That one kid who reminds the teacher about a homework assignment is always the least popular one.
  • Kids don’t actually hate school. Rather, they hate the homework they get, the teachers who give the homework to them, and having to wake up really early in the morning to show up.
  • The people who give you homework don’t really give you much to think about.
  • Teachers want students to show they work when they’re answering questions. That’s a pretty funny idea.
  • The ways how teachers write their homework problems make it easy for some tasks to be handled right.

These funny quotes on homework are all interesting points that are certainly true and relevant to this day. You will be impressed with how well different funny homework sayings might relate to what you’re doing. These sayings can be useful philosophies for you to follow when you’re looking at how homework can be handled and what you are do when valiantly attempting to try and get your homework completed the right way.

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